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The high-end development forum of excellent intelligent post press of "cohesion • win-creating • ability" was held ceremoniously in Dongguan

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Author : China Printing Industry Network
Update time : 2019-06-28 21:17:00
People can be beautiful only by clothes, (goods depend on "the appearance of the box ". For consumers, when entering the shopping mall, a commodity with unique box shape and ingenious design is placed in the showcase or shelf, which is not necessary for marketing and within their reach. This is where the value of boutique intelligent post-press packaging lies.
On the afternoon of June 22, Dongguan Fuying hotel was founded by Dongguan Zhiyuan Paper Co., Ltd. and Dongguan shengtu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shengtu machinery ") guangdong Hongming intelligent Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongming intelligent"), Dongguan Heyu pasting Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Heyu pasting ") dongguan Keqi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Keqi automation") jointly organized the "gathering together · Creating win · talking about Taoism-high-quality intelligent post-press high-end development forum", aiming at "winning the future with gathering together, enlighten wisdom by discussing Taoism.
"On ability", there is a trend, from packaging paperboard to packaging printing industry, to the import and export of post-press equipment; there is a way of investment, take India, the hot country of "One Belt and One Road" as an example; there is a way of management, focusing on the enterprise value chain, focusing on the manufacturing and construction of the intelligent ability of printing enterprises; there is a way of intelligent manufacturing technology, from high quality paperboard, delicate leather shell to special box shape, from surface treatment to environmental protection pasting ......
"On ability" Forum has been held for four consecutive sessions. Mr. He Yong, the gold host and initiator of the Forum, presided over the activity.
Zhiyuan paper has set the enterprise goal of "developing into an excellent domestic integrated paperboard supplier within five years", based on focusing on reality, doing practical things and seeing actual results, integrate Business philosophy into every link of production construction and quality control, promote leadership, execution, cohesion and productivity with brand culture, and improve the overall development level of the enterprise.
In the future, Zhiyuan paper will make greater actions in service, procurement, market and other aspects. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Zhiyuan paper, in the future, Zhiyuan paper will devote itself to building an integrated service platform of printing and packaging industry; establishing a one-stop procurement center to provide convenient services for the industry; at the same time, it will set up branches overseas, explore the "One Belt and One Road" market in depth; the long-term goal is to "build an integrated brand of paperboard with global influence in the industry ".
Shengtu machinery: the word "sheng" means "bright, prosperous", which can also be divided into "day" and "Cheng ". Indeed, no matter rounded leather shell, circular arc leather shell, triangular side leather shell, trapezoid side leather shell, inner and outer triangle leather shell, "T" shaped skylight leather shell and other special-shaped leather shell, shengtu machinery can be "the beauty of adults ", it can provide dozens of automatic production solutions of special-shaped leather shells. There was once a handmade cosmetic box in Haishun, Tianjin. Customers were extremely dissatisfied with the quality problems such as glue, uneven edge wrapping and position-shifting. Shengtu made a set of moulds, this problem was quickly dealt.
Currently, shengtu machinery is developing the system of "shengtu Zhilian". Liao Xingxin, product director of shengtu machinery, introduced its two functions: On the one hand, it can collect real equipment production data, including equipment output, work order completion progress, staff completion progress, current work order efficiency and so on, so as to enable customers to master the use efficiency and operation process of the equipment in real time. The second function is that customers wearing "glasses" can realize remote after-sales service, which greatly reduces the loss of downtime and waiting time for maintenance. At present, the first function has been applied in enterprises and has seen actual effect. The second function is being improved and will soon be applied and implemented.
In the market Field, Liao Xingxin introduced that due to the advanced technology, in recent years, the leather shell machine of shengtu machinery has been very popular in the field of make-up, wine bag and folding color box.
At the meeting, Liao Xingxin also reiterated the four service commitments launched by shengtu machinery last year: "7*24*365 after-sales service", "give three-year shengtu Zhilian as a gift", "free training of national training base", "financial lease 0 yuan to buy the machine ", throwing the floor to the ground shows the resolute attitude of shengtu machinery to serve customers wholeheartedly and help them grow!
Hongming intelligent: If you have used Hongming intelligent Tiandi cover box-making machine to serve the packaging boxes of brand owners, you will be surprised to find that IT includes almost all the famous IT brands such as Apple and Huawei, as well as Dior and meifubao, famous brands of cosmetics and jewelry such as  Omega.

The "on ability" Forum has been held for many times, and every session of the Forum will be full of celebrities, every session will have growth, and every session will be satisfying. Hand in hand, you and I will jointly promote the development of intelligent post-press packaging. The host He Yong, and finally we will make an appointment with you. Goodbye to the next forum of "talking about Taoism!