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The sixth national printing industry professional skills finals begin

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Author : China Printing Technology Association
Update time : 2019-09-20 15:12:00


After half a year's splendid preliminary competition in the National Provincial (district, city) competition area, the sixth National Printing Industry Professional Skills Competition has entered the final stage, the first to kick off is the final of the printing finishing industry. On September 10, the national finals of the 6th National Printing Industry Professional Skills Competition for printing finishing workers were held in shuangchen factory of Tianjin Changrong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Li Hongkui, former Deputy Director of Personnel Department of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Zhang Zhaogang, director of education and training department, director of China Printing Technology Association Wang Yanyi, executive deputy secretary-general Li Yonglin, deputy secretary-general Guo Ming, deputy director-general Liang Chunjiu of Tianjin Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, ma Xirong, deputy district chief of Tianjin Beichen District People's Government, Xu erqin, deputy director of Tianjin Press, Publication, printing and distribution department, Gao Wenshen, director general of Tianjin Beichen district culture and broadcasting bureau, Yuan Ruhai and deputy secretary general Liu Jianhua of Tianjin Printing Technology Association, the Luo Long of the general manager of Shanghai tobacco packaging and printing Co., Ltd., and the co-organizer of the competition Tianjin Changrong Technology Group Co., Ltd. chairman Li, executive vice president Cai Liancheng, vice president Sun Xianglin and other leaders, vice President Fan Shunhou of Tianjin Vocational University, Dean Hao Xiaoxiu of packaging and printing engineering college of Tianjin Vocational University, general manager Mario of Marco Ba He Changrong (Tianjin) precision mould Co., Ltd. song, deputy general manager Ba Chongchang, manager Luo Weiping of North China district of Tianjin Xitu printing equipment sales Co., Ltd. and representatives of famous printing enterprises and colleges from all over the country attended this activity together.

Li Hongkui, the former deputy director of the personnel department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, pointed out in his speech that the administrative departments, industry associations and industry enterprises are needed to cultivate high-level high-tech talents and build a team of high-quality high-tech printing talents, the important basic work of striving for concentricity and grasping the reality. After five sessions of holding, the National Professional Skills Competition in printing industry has now become a special competition with the largest scale in the industry, involving the most types of work and the widest social influence. It is an important channel to train and select high-skilled printing talents, carry forward and display the traditional Chinese printing culture and shape the vivid "window" of printing industry spirit in the new era ". The deputy director of the Li Hongkui also put forward three hopes for the final: first, I hope that all the players will cherish the chance of the competition, observe the discipline of the competition, and show the level and style of the competition; second, I hope that all judges will be fair and impartial, and stick to judging according to the rules; thirdly, I hope that the organizing committee of the competition will organize and promote carefully, and do a good job in service guarantee.